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Recent activities

March 18 and 19, 2012Best Wines mission to Montreal

From March 16
to March 19, 2012
Agri-food and wine mission to Euromed (Foggia)

From January 15
to January 19, 2011
Consorzio Nazionale Olivicultori
Mission économique a Montréal

From October 27
to October 30, 2010
Economic mission to Bologna, Italy

Delegates will visit SAIE – the International Building Exhibition


From October 9
to October 14, 2010
Economic mission to the Province of Rome, Italy

Industry sectors targeted : tourism, agri-food and wine


From October 1
to October 31, 2010
Economic mission to Cosenza, Italie
Secteurs : tourisme, agroalimentaire et oenologique


September 23 and 24, 2010Mission ASSOLOMBARDA in Montréal
Phase I du projet « La sfida lombarda per competere »


From September 12
to September 16, 2010
Economic mission to Montréal

At the occasion of the World Energy Congress – WEC


From September 9
to September 12, 2010
Economic mission to Milan, Italy

Delegates will visit Macef – the International Home Show


From October 4
to October 9, 2008
Canadian trade mission to Parma
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada organized five days of site tours and business meetings between companies from Montreal, Toronto and the Region of Parma. This mission enabled participants from the sectors of agro-food, tourism and production machinery to meet and engage in business exchanges.

From September 27
to October 2, 2008
Mission to the Marches region

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, in collaboration with the Regione Marche organized a series of meetings over a five-day period between Canadian companies and potential trade partners from the Regione Marche. These exchanges involved traditional sectors such as agrifood, fashion and furnishings. The exchanges served as catalysts by helping to establish trade links on both sides of the Atlantic.

From September 16
to September 18, 2008
Trade mission by the Parma Chamber of Commerce
On September 17 and 18, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, in collaboration with the Parma Chamber of Commerce, organized a trade mission for the Parma tourism industry. During their two days in Montreal, the dozen or so Italian delegates attended workshops and met with local operators (travel agencies, wholesalers, institutional) to learn more about the Canadian market and also to promote the attractions of their own destinations.

From July 9
to July 11, 2008
Individual trade mission for the wine industry
Antonio Gaudioso, representative of one of the largest wine producers in Tuscany – La Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano – participated in an individual trade mission to meet various wine agents, as well as some of Montreal’s leading restaurants. The mission was a great success. Wines from the Poliziana region will soon be available at the SAQ, to the great benefit of connoisseurs and consumers alike.

From May 20
to May 26, 2008
Institutional mission by the Region of Lombardy & participation in SIDIM
The aim of this mission was to promote the know-how of Lombardy Region in the field of design, and also to stimulate discussions with Canadian organizations such as Design Montréal, Conseil des Métiers d'arts and SODEC.

In addition, some 20 companies from Lombardy participated as exhibitors in the 20th edition of SIDIM to showcase their artisan products to the 20,000-plus visitors.

From May 5
to May 8, 2008
Mission towards Modena and visit to Cibus trade show
Eight Canadian operators participated in Cibus Parma 2008, the most important Italian food exhibition. This mission was organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, in collaboration with Promec, the special organization of the Chamber of Commerce of Modena.

The mission’s program was threefold. On May 5, food tasting and targeted individual meetings were organized with Italian producers. On May 6, the operators participated in industrial tours of parmigiano reggiano and balsamic vinegar manufacturers. Finally, on May 7 and 8, the operators visited Cibus Parma 2008.

The companies that will participate in the mission were :

  • Bertozzi Importing
  • Borrelli Inc.
  • Enzamar
  • Iris Importing
  • Jan K. Overweel
  • Marchese Import
  • Whyte’s Food Corporation
  • Vinco

From April 28
to April 30, 2008
Mission towards Naples - Women's prêt-à-porter fashion, accessories and jewelry sectors
This delegation of companies in the women’s prêt-à-porter fashion, accessories and jewelry sectors met Italian manufacturers that offer mid and top-of-the-line products.

The mission’s program was twofold. On April 28, a short presentation of Campania’s center of excellence in the women’s prêt-à-porter fashion, accessories and jewelry sectors was organized. Then, on April 28, 29 and 30, targeted individual meetings and industrial tours took place.

From April 23
to April 25, 2008
Participation of many companies and consortiums at SIAL Montreal 2008

Many companies and consortiums exhibited at SIAL Montreal 2008’s Italian pavilion (Palais des congrès de Montréal) from April 23 to 25.
The Chamber was commissioned by Universal Marketing to organize targeted meetings for the companies listed below, to help them create collaborative alliances with Canadian importers, distributors and agents in the agrifood industry.

Also, on April 24, a dinner was organized at the ITHQ with these companies and consortiums. The evening highlighted Salerno’s specialties.

Among the companies and consortiums

participating in SIAL were:

  • Azienda Agricola Grimaldi
  • San Marzano consortium for the promotion and conservation of tomato production
  • Coop. Solania
  • F.lli D’Acunzi
  • La Formica s.r.l
  • Delikatesse SRL
  • Gragnano Città Della Pasta
  • Pastificio Vicidomini

From April 21
to April 25, 2008
Mission to Como in the furniture and textiles sector
Eight Canadian operators will participate in a mission for furniture and textile experts, organized by the Italian chamber of commerce in Canada, in collaboration with Como’s Chamber of commerce.

The province of Como is renowned for its expertise in the textile and furniture sector. This mission brought together international operators with local manufacturing companies. The mission represented an ideal occasion to strengthen existing business ties and to discover new opportunities.

The mission’s program was twofold. On April 22 and 23, targeted individual meetings were organized. On April 24, the operators had a free day to visit Lake Como or participate in industrial tours.

The companies that will participate in the mission were :

  • Beyer Brown and Associates
  • Cab Deco Import Export
  • Casa Vogue
  • Korson Furniture
  • Latitude Nord
  • Le Belle Arti
  • Louis George Design
  • Moutarde Décor Inc.

From April 21
to April 25, 2008
Educational Tour of Regione Abruzzo

From April 7
to April 11, 2008
Multi-sectorial mission organized with Promos Milano
This multi-sectorial mission enabled businesses from Lombardy to meet and initiate long-term associations with Canadian agents, importers, distributors and partners. The mission took place on April 7 and 8 in Montréal, and also on April 10 and 11 in Toronto.

The companies that participated in the mission were:
  • Calzificio Pinelli s.r.l.    
  • Marcoliani of Calzificio Pinelli s.r.l.    
  • Danor    
  • Dott Bonapace & C.    
  • R.P.R. Medical s.r.l.
  • Valente S.P.A
  • Pasini Metals Production s.r.l.
  • Industria Metalli

April 4, 2008Mission in the fashion sector (Naples)

March 19 and 20, 2008International Business Convention for the Aerospace Industries (Torino)
In just two days, the companies from Québec present at the event had the chance to have face to face meetings and technology meetings with the contacts of their choice and attend high level conferences and workshops.

This event took place in Torino.

From February 20
to February 22, 2008
Mission to Sicily (city of Ribera) for the agrifood and wine sectors
This mission offered a unique opportunity to Canadian companies operating in the agrifood and wine sectors to boost their competitiveness through research into new products for international
markets. During this mission, the Canadian operators had the chance to take various gastronomic itineraries throughout the region. They also met with producers of citrus fruits (including the oranges and lemons for which Sicily is renowned), extra virgin olive oil, olives, local hors-d’œuvres (dried stuffed tomatoes, stuffed olives and oil, zucchini in sauce, vegetable pies, marinated fish, etc.), preserves (including fruit jams), wine and a wide variety of other products.

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